NLECNational Law Enforcement Challenge (law enforcement agency competition)
NLECNo Longer Enemy Combatant (US DoD and US State Department)
NLECNational Lipid Education Council (now Known As Committee on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease)
NLECNational Local Exchange Carrier (XO Communications, Inc.)
NLECNational Law Enforcement Center
NLECNet Locomotive Energy Cost (medical equipment)
NLECNational Leprosy Elimination Campaign (Bangladesh)
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The NLEC points to a number of success stories, including:
In recent months, NLEC officials report an increase in the number of families who want to get involved in NLEC's work, including the broadcasting ministry.
James Barnes, who had worked at KETC (Channel 9), the NLEC is attempting to upgrade its TV and radio offerings.
And, by early 1998, the NLEC plans to have in operation a satellite uplink that will feed educational, informational and inspirational programming to its radio stations.
Perhaps just as valuable is the networking that occurs between NLEC members.
Although the NLEC does not lobby Congress directly, individual members do.
NLEC members have met with congressional sponsors of crime bills to offer suggestions and to express their opinions on areas of particular concern.
However, Federal legislation represents merely one concern of the NLEC.
NLEC education efforts also address the significant challenges of recognizing and managing dyslipidemias in diverse patient populations, such as women, older adults, and patients with diabetes.
Healthcare professionals are invited to visit the NLEC web site, http://www.
The NLEC is a multidisciplinary panel of experts in lipid management, cardiology, and primary care.
The NLEC is sponsored by Professional Postgraduate Services(R), a division of Physicians World/Thomson Healthcare, a division of The Thomson Corporation (http://www.