NLETSNational Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
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Catbird protects our crown jewels," noted Bill Phillips, the security specialist at NLETS, a U.
Additional information is also available through the USNCB at 202-616-9000; fax, 202-616-8400; NLETS, DCINTER00; or on the Internet at http://www.
The fact that Datamaxx is the only private company in the United States authorized by the FBI to host criminal justice data - and that its network operations center is routinely audited by the FBI, DHS, NLETS and the Transportation Security Administration - speaks volumes of the security of this offering and the strength of this partnership.
In the pilot program, all Amber Alert messages concerning the abduction of a child or children will be distributed through the NLETS network, providing immediate, unfettered access to all federal and state justice agencies in the nation and Canada.
According to Chris Warner, a co-founder of the Consortium, the relationship with NLETS "will bring the Consortium closer to its ultimate goal of ensuring so efficient and seamless a network that no one will ever consider abducting a child again.
For over 35 years, NLETS has existed in order to support justice agencies and officials in their mission of making things safer for every American.
In the pilot program, the Consortium will distribute all alerts through NLETS as a foremost priority, insuring that law enforcement agencies are the very first to receive these real-time alerts.
NLETS is the pre-eminent interstate law enforcement network in the nation for the exchange of law enforcement and related justice information.
The ATS Pyramid XMR will give Connecticut the ability to exchange information with other law enforcement entities using XML and Web Services, while Pyramid XN2 will provide the State with low cost browser access to NLETS and NCIC.
By using the ATS Pyramid products, COLLECT will be among the first systems in the nation to implement the latest law enforcement national standards, including NLETS XML messaging.
He continued, "Although, all states have message switching systems that communicate with NCIC and NLETS, the delivery of COLLECT will place Connecticut as one of the first states with a new generation law enforcement system and establishes MAXIMUS as a leading company with the understanding and capability to deliver unique and highly critical law enforcement and justice systems.
Created by the principal law enforcement agencies of the states nearly 35 years ago, NLETS has evolved to serve the justice community at the local, state, and federal levels.