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NLFNational Liberation Front
NLFNatural Laminar Flow
NLFNew Legal Framework (EU)
NLFNuclear Liabilities Fund (UK)
NLFNorthern Leopard Frog (also seen as NLFR)
NLFNonlinear Filtering
NLFNobody Lives Forever
NLFNon-Lactose Fermenter
NLFNetwork-Level Firewall
NLFNearest Landing Field
NLFNo Load Fund (finance)
NLFNorth Logan Farm
NLFNasal Lavage Fluid
NLFNational Lottery Fund
NLFNet Lease Forum (investing)
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The NLF took over a largely bankrupt economy in 1967, a state compounded by the closure of the Suez Canal after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, and in the years after independence many tens of thousands of people, including many of the most qualified, left the country.
The NLF and GVN propaganda machines had to compete with these informal circuits of information and opinion.
The most common complication with the use of NLF was the extraoral scar and intraoral growth of hairs over the flap.
Moses Andrew identified himself as a member of the NLF in his
The NLF 0414 airfoil, which was the most aft-loaded of the three airfoils tested, was the least sensitive to SLD ice simulations.
By CPS definitions, the first individual is considered U while the second is NLF.
In 1962, Maspero published a tribute to Fanon in the literary magazine Presence Africaine; he also sought to publish his complete works by looking for the texts that Fanon had published, usually anonymously, in the clandestine newspaper of the NLF, El Moudjahid.
Gilbert traces attempts of Vietminh and NLF forces to persuade non-white troops in French or American service to give up fighting for their own presumed oppressors.
Peter Price, the student who historically initiated the campaign for aid to the NLF (and bore the brunt of public anger), has been completely deleted from the story.
So, too, is the political and military aftermath, the role of ARVN, and how Creighton Abrams profited from NLF reversals during Tet.
From this the extracts trace his childhood and education, his political involvement with the African National Congress, his involvement in terrorism including his 1962 visit to the Algerian NLF camp in Morocco: 'Action' he wrote, 'must be accepted as the primary and most essential form of political activity'.
Lunney is happy working on Clean Sky and looks forward to seeing it become a success when the NLF wing is completed in 2014.