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NLFNational Liberation Front
NLFNatural Laminar Flow
NLFNew Legal Framework (EU)
NLFNuclear Liabilities Fund (UK)
NLFNorthern Leopard Frog (also seen as NLFR)
NLFNonlinear Filtering
NLFNobody Lives Forever
NLFNon-Lactose Fermenter
NLFNetwork-Level Firewall
NLFNearest Landing Field
NLFNo Load Fund (finance)
NLFNorth Logan Farm
NLFNasal Lavage Fluid
NLFNational Lottery Fund
NLFNet Lease Forum (investing)
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While the re-emergence of the NLF has worked more in his favour than for his rivals, many of his critics call Bouteflika a dictator for not giving any of his rivals the chance to develop a strong but legally approved opposition.
The NLF will improve and modernise the conditions for placing products on the European market and the procedures to be applied by public authorities when unsafe products must be withdrawn from the market.
Officers have also been making inquiries nationwide to try and trace the green BMW 320 series - with the registration W162 NLF - Mr Hussain was last seen driving and remain particularly keen to trace this car.
The NLF had strong logistic support from neighboring Tunisia and Morocco and Egypt under President Nasser provided arms and financial aid.
Eventually, the government was forced to legislate to try to stop militants providing financial, medical and material aid to North Vietnam and the NLF.
1) Professional golfer Justin Rose, left, celebrates a birdie with former NLF running back Jerome Bettis.
Since then, foreigners in the NLF were able to gather in smaller groups at home.
pilots joined their South Vietnamese counterparts in bombing NLF targets within South Vietnam.
NLF became the only constitutionally legal party from 1962 until 1989.
I don't accept the view that we can just condemn the NLF terror, period, because it was so horrible.
The last Irish sports star to be approached by an NLF team was Kerry's Pat Spillane who opted to remain in Ireland.