NLFCNational Life Finance Corporation (Japan)
NLFCNew Life Family Church (various locations)
NLFCNewfoundland and Labrador Federation of Co-Operatives (Canada)
NLFCNew Life Faith Center (Port Deposit, MD)
NLFCNorthern Lights Franchise Consultants (Canada)
NLFCNational Liberation Front of Corsica
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However, there are instances of NLFC consonant deletion or consonant permutation: I've had [aI 'hab], I'd like [ai 'laik] and inviting [anim'baitin]--which may be confused with the word uninviting--and mixture [mit[?
Percentages (%) of NSE and LFC pronunciations compared to NLFC pronunciations Manner of Cons.
In other words, NLFC did not know how many of the recipients actually had failure experiences prior to administrating the survey.
However, it needs to be remembered that the sample firms had received funding from the NLFC and this would make their start-up capital profiles differ from firms not receiving this kind of support.
7) The NLFC is a Japanese government-owned financial institution that provides business loans to small and medium-sized enterprises.
With financial difficulties bearing down, NLFC chief executive Robert Lewis and other investors reorganized with new management in 1990 after the company filed for bankruptcy.
According to sources at NLFC, the ability to run Hybrid on Sequent's symmetrical multipro-cessing systems has been key to the laboratory information system's increased speed.
United intends to use the net proceeds from this offering for the financing of the cash consideration payable by United in connection with its acquisition of NLFC Holdings Corp.
Through this partnership, NLFC customers will gain access to Stratus' newest member of its family of continuously available systems.
Under the agreement, NLFC will resell Stratus' Continuum Series 400 systems and deliver its HYBRID LIS solution in the most reliable, open systems computing environment.