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NLGNational Lawyers Guild
NLGNatural Language Generation
NLGNose Landing Gear
NLGNational Leisure Group
NLGNo Lapse Guarantee (insurance)
NLGNext Level Guitar
NLGNederlands Guldens (old currency code; replaced by EUR)
NLGNorth Louisiana and Gulf Railroad Company
NLGNonstop Laptop Guardian (computer security)
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The life insurance industry responded with NLG UL insurance.
Alcatel-Lucent also announced it expanded its go-to-market strategy for the OA3500 NLG to include distributors and resellers worldwide, broadening its geographic availability.
The always-on feature of the NLG means that if the computer is lost or stolen, the IT team can use the wireless network to communicate with the card.
NLG has been using AT&T networking for more than five years.
The operation of the NLG Cradle (like that of all Douglas TBL models) is controlled by a single joystick mounted in the tractor's cab.
Fitch believes that these marketplace pressures are especially hard on mid-size insurers such as NLG, with relatively modest scale.
Arria NLG PLC said on March 3, 2015, it has inked a deal with BG Group PLC to evaluate and research the use of its natural language generation software engine and technologies for real time narration of key asset performance, predictive maintenance and risk factors.
Her child also goes to NLG and we knew each other socially and from our interest in sprint triathlons.
It guarantees that your policy will not default, even if the cash surrender value falls to zero or below, provided the minimum NLG premium requirement and the cumulative premium test (performed at the point of lapse) are met.
The airline said that the enhanced cruise service is in partnership with the leisure travel company NLG, and allows customers to book their cruise on 17 of the world's most popular cruise lines.
NLG Analytical has launched the new HT200H autosampler, which can be fitted to virtually any type of gas chromatograph.