NLGANational Lieutenant Governors Association
NLGANational Lumber Grades Authority (Canada)
NLGANorthern Lights Greyhound Adoption (Minnesota)
NLGANational Local Government Association
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Michels has been consistently selected, bi-partisanly, by his peers from every region of the nation as a trusted leader, and they have now elected him chair, said NLGA Director Julia Hurst.
Figures 3 through 14 show typical cumulative probability distributions (CDFs) of MOE and MOR of the test materials graded according to the NLGA J&P grade rule and the NLGA B&S grade rule.
The design values were obtained from the NLGA Standard Grading Rules for Canadian lumber.
NLGA J&P and B&S grading rules were employed in the study.
Knot size restriction required by NLGA (1996) for the Select Structural grade of different nominal lumber widths.
Similar effects are observed with the old Swedish grading rules for Scots pine (Gronlund 1994), and the NLGA rules for Douglas-fir (Middleton and Munro 1989) and lodge-pole pine (Middleton et al.
The NLGA test method exhibited the highest mean failure stress, which is to be expected considering its flatwise orientation and relatively small load-head separation.
In contrast, the NLGA test group, with the fingers in the vertical orientation (flatwise specimen orientation) had a significantly higher failure stress than the ASTM test group, with the fingers in the horizontal orientation (edgewise specimen orientation).
The fewest mode 6 failures from the bending tests were from the NLGA test method.
The following calculations show how to calculate estimates for the mean and variance had the samples been tested in flat bending according to the NLGA procedures.
Third, compute the expected mean for the NLGA test using Equation [3].
The visual quality of finished products graded under the NLGA rule for construction lumber can also be maintained.