NLGANational Lieutenant Governors Association
NLGANational Lumber Grades Authority (Canada)
NLGANorthern Lights Greyhound Adoption (Minnesota)
NLGANational Local Government Association
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The National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) is making information on clinical trials available to as many states and territories as possible, and NLGA is maintaining an educational web site on the topic.
This is an example of our collegial, bi-partisan NLGA work," saidIowa Lt.
Cawley accepted the award during the annual NLGA Federal-State Relations meeting held in Washington, D.
Figures 3 through 14 show typical cumulative probability distributions (CDFs) of MOE and MOR of the test materials graded according to the NLGA J&P grade rule and the NLGA B&S grade rule.
Knot size restriction required by NLGA (1996) for the Select Structural grade of different nominal lumber widths.
The NLGA meets annually to develop substantive policy issues and international missions - work that is an accurate reflection of the growing role of the Office of Lieutenant Governor.
Similar effects are observed with the old Swedish grading rules for Scots pine (Gronlund 1994), and the NLGA rules for Douglas-fir (Middleton and Munro 1989) and lodge-pole pine (Middleton et al.
The NLGA test method exhibited the highest mean failure stress, which is to be expected considering its flatwise orientation and relatively small load-head separation.
The visual quality of finished products graded under the NLGA rule for construction lumber can also be maintained.
Our experiments show that black spruce finger-joined with ISOSET UX-100/A322 met the proof tensile strength requirements of the NLGA SPS 1-2000 standard (NLGA 2000b) for No.
However, all types of profiles largely met strength specifications outlined in the Canadian NLGA standard SPS 1-2000 for structural lumber.
The materials used for the test were 2-by 4-inch spruce-pine-fir (SPF), NLGA grade stamped as No.