NLGINational Lubrication Grease Institute
NLGINational Life and General Insurance (Nepal)
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Table The penetration number of tested materials (according to ASTM D 217-97) Tested materials RO + MG RO + MG 20% RO + MG 20% 20% + OA2% + SA 2% NLGI class 00 0 0 Penetration at 400-430 355-385 355-385 25[degrees]C Tested materials L L + MG 10% L + MG 20% NLGI class 1 2 4 Penetration at 310-340 265-295 175-205 25[degrees]C Tested materials L + MG 20% L + MG 20% Reference + OA 2% + SA 2% NLGI class 2 2 3 Penetration at 265-295 265-295 220-250 25[degrees]C
Available in NLGI (National Lubricant Grease Institute) Grade 2, Mobil Polyrex EM grease features noise properties superior to other Exxon- and Mobil-branded electric motor greases.
Chevron Delo Greases EP NLGI 1 and 2 far exceeds the requirements of NLGI GC-LB in the areas of extreme pressure and rust protection, making them well suited for the most severe applications and at extended greasing frequencies.
NLGI 1 for better pumpability and lower ambient temperatures
NLGI 2 Startak Red EP grease is now available throughout the Central and Eastern United States in 400 pound drums, 120 pound quarter drums, 35 pound pails and cartridges.
Nye developed Rheolube 374C, an NLGI Grade 4 grease as a replacement for Andok C, and Rheolube 374B, an NLGI Grade 2 grease as a replacement for Andok B.
Rheolube 374C is an NLGI Grade 4 polyalphaolefin-lithium-complex grease.
Rheoplex NRRG-2 is a NLGI Grade 2 grease for use in environments subject to high levels of radiation.
Rheolube 374C is a NLGI Grade 4 polyalphaolefin, lithium-complex grease that equals or exceeds the operating characteristics of Exxon's Andok C.
Rheolube 716HT is an NLGI Grade 2 blend of complex esters gelled in a lithium-soap with a useful temperature range of -54(degree)C to 175(degree)C.
Chevron announced today the introduction of new Delo(R) Synthetic Grease SF, a product which slumps back into the bearing cavity much faster than the leading NLGI 00 product, thus maintaining sufficient lubrication and maximizing equipment life.