NLGJANational Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association
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However, Baker boasted at an NLGJA conference that the coverage she and her cohorts gave to the issue tipped the scales and caused the measure's narrow defeat.
NLGJA has helped to move gay journalists and journalism on gay subjects toward the mainstream, in large part by giving many gay and lesbian journalists the courage to come out in their workplaces and take an active role in contributing to coverage.
Palomo points out that NLGJA had no problem marching under its own banner at the June 1992 San Francisco gay parade, which coincided with the organization's first convention.
In the spring issue of the NLGJA newsletter, Aarons wrote that he had assumed that the association would march as an organization but that he agreed with the Washington chapter.
Ultimately, Aarons wrote, NLGJA members "should cover the story (or influence its coverage), not be the story.
I think it is critical that journalism focus on this [possible misunderstanding] and on the fact that Vermont civil unions are only good in Vermont," says Pamela Strother, executive director of NLGJA.
We believe this year's convention is going to be one of the best ever," said Jen Christensen, NLGJA president and a CNN producer.
To learn more, register for the NLGJA National Convention and LGBT Media Summit and to stay updated, please visit: www.
Most journalists would cringe at the idea of being called an activist, so when it comes to Katie Couric, coanchor of NBC's Today show, it's probably best to just hail her good common sense, Couric received well-deserved praise this year for her compassionate interview with Matthew Shepard's parents on Dateline NBC as well as her tough questioning on Today of a leading figure behind the "ex-gay" ads, This September she will be a keynote speaker at the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association's annual conference, Says NLGJA president Karen-Louise Boothe: "She brings an understanding and certain level of sincerity without the sideshow treatment [that] issues important to our community often receive.
We heard the answers to these questions and more at the NLGJA National Convention from reporters who have covered some of the biggest news stories of recent times.
21st Annual NLGJA National Convention & 8th Annual LGBT Media Summit, August 25-28 - Returning to Philadelphia for the first time since 2002, this event will bring in more than 300 influential representatives of the mainstream and LGBT media for four days of professional development workshops, networking events and panel discussions at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel.