NLGJANational Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association
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So when UNITY rushed to incorporate NLGJA before properly addressing the departure of NABJ--the largest and most influential group within the alliance--it sent a clear signal, whether intended or not, that racial and ethnic equality was no longer its main mission.
Jane Daugherty also honors us as a dedicated member of NLGJA and a role model for all journalists in pursuit of excellence in our craft," said President Eric Hegedus.
However, Baker boasted at an NLGJA conference that the coverage she and her cohorts gave to the issue tipped the scales and caused the measure's narrow defeat.
NLGJA has helped to move gay journalists and journalism on gay subjects toward the mainstream, in large part by giving many gay and lesbian journalists the courage to come out in their workplaces and take an active role in contributing to coverage.
Palomo points out that NLGJA had no problem marching under its own banner at the June 1992 San Francisco gay parade, which coincided with the organization's first convention.
New NLGJA President Eric Hegedus also works at the Inquirer, as a page designer.
We discussed how better to cover the people under-represented in our market, and I knew this was the place where SPJ and NLGJA could naturally come together.
Erik Burkett, an advisory board member for NewsWatch and a board member of NLGJA, said NewsWatch is important for the gay and lesbian journalists who, because they are not associated with an ethnic group, are not included in conventions like UNITY.
In less than a decade, Leroy Aarons's baby has grown up, Yet now that he has surrendered leadership of the 1,300-member National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, Aarons is hardly pining over the empty nest, "My dream has been fulfilled," says the onetime Washington Post national correspondent and Oakland Tribune executive editor who launched the organization in 1990 after conducting a survey of gay and lesbian reporters' newsroom experiences, If taken today, Aarons says, that survey would reveal a sea change in the quantity and quality of portrayals of gay issues in the press, And NLGJA deserves credit.
The NLGJA said Gannett employees had lobbied for domestic-partner benefits as early as 1984.