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NLMSNormalized Least Mean Square (algorithm)
NLMSNational Late Model Series
NLMSNew London Maritime Society (est. 1983; New London, CT)
NLMSNorth London Mac Support (UK)
NLMSNavy Logistics Management School
NLMSNAVSECGRU Logistics Management System
NLMSNational Longitudinal Mortality Study
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A New Variable Step-Size NLMS Algorithm and Its Performance Analysis, Signal Processing, 60(4): 2055-2060.
My basic strategy was to 'reweight' the sample of black respondents in the NLMS data so that the distribution of all socio-economic variables among blacks matched that of whites.
Equations (3),(31) and (34) are the complete steps required to compute the NLMS recursion.
Cox's proportional hazards model was applied to the NLMS data to compare the risk of death from motor vehicles among marital status groups while controlling for confounders.
8) But if the NLMS is used to look at the probability of death as a function of income for white males and females on a state by state basis, there is no evidence of any link between the estimated coefficients and state-level measures of income inequality.
Turra and Goldman (2006) found that life table data may overstate Hispanic life expectancy, and Hispanics' subjective estimates of their life expectancy may therefore be closer the truth than calculations based on the NLMS.
However, the most recent publicly available microdata from the NLMS are from 1995.
This article constructs age-specific mortality rates from the NLMS for black, white, and Hispanic men and women, a total of six groups (for more information on the resulting mentality rates, see Brown, Liebman, and Pollet, 2002).
Because the NLMS did not contain information on a respondent's wealth, income and occupation were used to identify survey respondents with characteristics similar to estate tax decedents.
Our patent pending AS3NLF (Adaptive Step-Sized, Sub-band Non-Linear Filter) technologies use a combination of NLMS algorithm with adaptive step-size, sub-band process, post filter, and a non-linear processing engine.
2, the Support Pack and NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) management software that enables automatic distribution of NLMS and Novell (Nasdaq: NOVL) NetWare Support Packs to multiple servers simultaneously.