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NLNACNational League for Nursing Accrediting Commission
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2010; Liegler, 1997; NLNAC, 2008; Pascarella & Terenzini, 2008; Ramsden, 1991; Richardson, 2005).
There were articles in the local paper, and the El Paso paper, features on local television, a rally for students one evening, and through Freedom of Information Requests it came out that the administration at DACC had been put on notice a long time before the NLNAC survey last spring that because they had high faculty turnover, questions of the educational preparation and experience of the faculty and the director of the program, they were in danger of losing the accreditation.
Further, for the first time, the revised NLNAC criteria contain specific targets, e.
A statewide curriculum, particularly if developed with NLNAC standards in mind, will clearly make it easier for the schools to meet our standards," says Grumet.
Kathleen Frisbie, Program Director & Health Occupations Chair, Morgan County Community College, guided and mentored her faculty to prepare the nursing program to receive NLNAC Accreditation in 2009, resulting in the creation of clear expectations and evaluation methods.
Now online, along with a number of other useful toolkits from the NLN, the Faculty Preparation for Global Experiences Toolkit is the work of INESA (International Nursing Education, Services, and Accreditation), a joint task force of the NLN and NLNAC.
DSN began the process of applying for NLNAC accreditation in 2008 and its programs were candidates for accreditation since January 2010.
Though we disagree with the NLNAC's allegations in the suit, we remain completely committed to keeping our relationship with NLNAC intact.
NLNAC accredits all levels of nursing education whereas CCNE accredits baccalaureate and graduate level degree granting nursing education programs.
A total of 587 academic administrators listed with the NLNAC who also had direct ADRN nursing program authority and viable email addresses were offered the opportunity to participate in this study.
In order to be considered for inclusion in the ranking, an institution had to be a regionally accredited college or university listed in the National Center for Education Statistics database and offer an online nursing degree program accredited by either the CCNE or NLNAC.
If you have not voted yet, please click on this link right now (or, rather, after you read to the end of this message), and make your choice known for the positions open this year on the NLN Board of Governors, advisory councils, and the various committees that help the NLN and NLNAC function as beautifully as we do.