NLNSNew Liberation News Service (est. 1990; Cambridge, MA)
NLNSNational Literacy and Numeracy Strategy (various locations)
NLNSNonleafy Normal Stature (botany)
NLNSNew Leaders for New Schools (Denver, Colorado)
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For the previous several years, NLNS had been operating essentially with no contract from D.
Vance and his chief of staff, Steven Seleznow, were among the driving forces in bringing NLNS to Washington.
For the most part, the 2003 Memorandum of Understanding mirrored agreements that NLNS had with other school systems.
Superintendent Vance agreed to grant NLNS graduates who excelled during their residency year--and were subsequently hired as principals--increased decision-making authority and autonomy.
At the time, it appeared that NLNS, having just arrived in Washington, was destined to be a lot more than a supplier of principals.
With the loss of these key partners, says Davis, NLNS had to gain new champions in the central office, and the program had to find new supporters.
She became a constant presence in the central office building, reminding workers there who she was and what NLNS was trying to do.
Davis says that in some ways being an NLNS graduate can be an obstacle, for the simple fact that New Leaders don't look like other D.
I think part of it is that she seemed young," says Davis about Kim, who was 28 years old when she graduated from NLNS.
Janey appointed Karen Smith, a recent NLNS graduate, to be the new principal of Ballou.