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NLONo Load Operation (computer power supplies)
NLONew Little Odessa (gaming, Half-Life 2)
NLONasolacrimal Occlusion
NLONational Lead of Ohio Inc.
NLONepoznati Leteci Objekt (Croatian: unidentified flying object)
NLONasolacrimal Obstruction
NLONaval Liaison Officer
NLONonlinear Optics
NLONon-Linear Optimization (mathematics)
NLONational Liaison Officer
NLONobody Likes Onions (website)
NLONo Lazy Offense
NLONational Labor Office
NLONext-to-Leading Order
NLONETg Learning Object
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Also at 16:24:45 UT on 2011 December 24 the NLO receivers detected a strong echo from the reentry of a Soyuz rocket third stage which occurred well to the north of the GRAVES transmitter.
Despite the withdrawal of the ABA NLO Proposal, the Task Force
If your reporting command states that you do not require a weapon upon your arrival in the OP area, you must present official documentation to this effect to the NLO at Fort Jackson.
Currently Bishop is implementing the first complete and analytical theory for the NLO properties of polymers.
In the words of NLO health officials, the model was based on a study of "some mongrel dogs.
In 1989, they first produced the organic salt DAST, which they have now shown can work 20 times better than the NLO material lithium niobate as an electro-optic switch.
The current proposal is focused on the computation of one class of corrections which affect LHC processes, the so-called NLO electro-weak correc- tions.
It is generally recognized, however, that the most promising materials for this purpose are organic, especially polymeric NLO active substances.
In addition to our NLO Task Force, several committees and bar associations from other jurisdictions or from NYSBA sections have issued formal opinions or reports in response to the ABA's nonlawyer ownership proposals.
In 1981, after the huge success of the movie, with three other actors, who participated in it, Kanev founded the pop band NLO (UFO), which also became hugely popular, and turned into a top TV show.
NLO properties have been monitored using hyper-Rayleigh scattering (HRS) technique (16-17).
NLO offers rapid and versatile measurement capabilities that can be used to examine materials at various stages of crystal growth and device processing.