NLOPNational League of Poker
NLOPNonlinear Optical Polymer
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No one has done more to promote poker for seniors than Oklahoma Johnny," said Roy Evans, NLOP chief financial officer.
Dean played skillfully while maintaining a courteous and respectful demeanor throughout the tournament," stated NLOP COO Michael Clebnik.
The NLOP Player's Championship, a "deep-stack" tournament format, was comprised of 97 finalists from thirty-two states.
The tournament culminated with an award ceremony and lavish private party hosted by Mike Sexton and NLOP management for all finalists and their friends and families in Wasted Space, the ultra-lounge at the Hard Rock.
NLOP will be demonstrating its online poker technology with several computer stations located around a room at the Estate.
We offer high-quality, legal, online poker play at no risk to the player," said Michael Clebnik, CEO of NLOP.
NLOP allows players to win cash and prizes hourly, daily and weekly with no financial risk -- players never lose money.
Each month, NLOP guarantees $25,000 in cash and prizes, including trips, electronics, sponsor specials and more.
NLOP first launched in June 2006 and today has over 125,000 registered users, delivering over 22 million minutes of poker play last month alone.
The winner of the main event seat, David Berinsky, from Pittsburgh, PA won the Poker and Pigskin Championship at NLOP - which culminated ten weeks of free poker competition.
For on-site interviews with Michael Clebnik, visit NLOP Booth #215-217; or visit www.