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NLPNeuro-Linguistic Programming
NLPNatural Language Processing
NLPNonlinear Programming
NLPNatural Law Party
NLPNational Liberal Party (Bermuda)
NLPNelspruit, South Africa (Airport Code)
NLPNo Light Perception
NLPNational Landcare Program
NLPNon-Linear Processor
NLPNormal Link Pulse
NLPNo-Limit-Person (motivational philosophy)
NLPNew Labour Party (South Africa)
NLPNorthern Lower Peninsula (Michigan, USA)
NLPNetwork-Layer Packet
NLPNationalliberale Partei (German: National Liberal Party; Germany)
NLPNational Language Processing
NLPName Lookup Protocol
NLPNationwide Loan Processing
NLPNational Libertarian Party
NLPNotice Letter Printing
NLPNational-Level Telecommunications Program
NLPNational Lightning Protection
NLPNext Logical Purchase
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With his family, below right BELIEVERS: Brian and Sheena say NLP helped make their wedding day a reality
The NLP practitioner course consists of four modules over 12 days.
NLP was co-founded by Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder, who also coined the term, in the 1970s.
In the NLP, she did her 30-day developmental assignment in that specialty.
When she finally retired from competition, celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna trained her in NLP.
An NLP programme can be delivered individually or to a group to help people them perform, naturally and at their very best.
This checklist provides an introduction to the main concepts and techniques of NLP.
For these reasons the schools within the LEA that were not participating in the NLP could have been affected by the program, even if indirectly, and are thus probably not good candidates for comparison.
The NLP founders theorize that people think differently and that these differences correspond to individual programming or processing systems.
governments have been considering the possibility of building an alternate facility for NLP.
NLP software extracts facts, such as ICD-9 codes, from narrative text that is typically created by transcriptionists working from physician dictation.
That's the premise behind Neurolinguistic Programming - known for short as NLP and, like many alternative therapies, created in America.