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NLRANational Labor Relations Act
NLRANorthern Late-model Racing Association
NLRANorth Loose Residents Association (UK)
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The American workplace has changed greatly since the NLRA was first enacted in 1935.
Indeed, Tykeson asserts that the circumstances that prompted the passage of the NLRA no longer exist, because "today's employers realize the advantages of fair pay and fair treatment, making heavily skewed pro-union laws less necessary.
4) Note: The NLRA specifically exempts jobs classified directly as agriculture.
Thus, these statements are legal within the provisions of the NLRA.
This latter finding is important when assessing proposed amendments to the NLRA that would facilitate the card check process.
Many commonly held employment practices of non-union employers can constitute unfair labor practices under the NLRA.
Non-supervisory employees are covered by the NLRA whereas supervisors are not covered.
protections afforded to employee bloggers under the NLRA.
Whether an individual qualifies as a "supervisor" now depends on three important factors, enumerated in [sections]152(11) of the NLRA.
21) The Board found that the employer violated [section] 8(a)(5) of the NLRA (employer's refusal to bargain in good faith with a union) because it unilaterally changed the contract without bargaining, and nowhere in the contract had the union waived its right to bargain over the uniform issue.
A: Section 7 of the NLRA allows employees to "vent" about wages and working conditions.