NLSFNetworked Learning Support Framework (UK)
NLSFNonlinear Least Squares Fitting (mathematics)
NLSFNon-Lethal Slippery Foam
NLSFNational Longitudinal Study of Freshman
NLSFNewfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Federation Inc (Canada)
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As the nation plunges into another soul-and-statistic-searching debate about whether and under what conditions affirmative action on campus can be justified, all sides in the dispute will be turning to data troves like the NLSF to build their arguments.
In future debates over how much of a preference to give minority college applicants, the NLSF will be able to shed light on a number of murky questions: Do black students ill prepared in ghetto schools learn more from the hard courses of selective colleges or is it better to let them go to colleges that don't usually demand high SAT scores?