NLSY97National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 97 (Bureau of Labor Statistics; US Department of Labor; Washington, DC)
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As Plan B was approved for prescription distribution in July 1999 (FDA 2011) and Wave 3 of the NLSY97 begins in October 1999, Plan B is available for all time periods in our sample.
The NLSY97 documents the transition from school to work and into adulthood.
For more information about the NLSY97 program, see www.
236) Lochner also found that, in both the NYS and NLSY97 datasets, there was evidence of updating of perceptions in response to one's own behavior--those who committed crimes and were not arrested had lower perceptions of the certainty of punishment.
Documentation about the sampling can be found in the NLS Handbook 2000 (Center for Human Resource Research, 2000a) and the NLSY97 User's Guide (Center for Human Resource Research, 2000b).
Using the 1997 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY), the researchers report in their forthcoming Journal of Human Resources article, "Measuring Poverty in the NLSY97," that 17.
The NLSY97 consists of approximately 9,000 youths who were 12-16 years old as of December 31, 1996 (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010).
Health and the Educational Attainment of Adolescents: Evidence from the NLSY97.
The NLSY97 interviewed people between the ages of 13 and 17 in 1997 and then interviewed the same people each year since then.
Moreover, a comparison of college-going students in the NLSY79 to their counterparts in the NLSY97 shows that the later college cohort is drawn from students lower in the ability distribution (based on AFQT and ASVAB percentile rankings).
However, average GPAs reported in Add Health compare favorably to transcript reports in the Household and Beyond Surveys and the NLSY97 (Rothstein, 1997).