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NLUNational Louis University
NLUNational Law University (Jodhpur, India)
NLUNatural Language Understanding
NLUNortheast Louisiana University
NLUNational Labor Union (1866-1872)
NLUNo Longer Used
NLUNormal Latchup
NLUNo Location Update
NLUNon-Legal Union
NLUNumeric Look-Up
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As NLU technology matures, use cases will explode and NLU will swing back and allow physicians to do much more, keeping their attention on the patient while capturing the structured data they need to support the organization.
Face to face interview revealed that sensitisation of local publisher about the legal deposit system has been tried by NLU and found to be unsustainable due to limited resources.
Output: interpretation of the infinite ways a human can express a concept Use cases helped to demonstrate using NLP and NLU to transform the free text from History and Physicals, Discharge Summaries, and other clinical notes into discreet data elements that can:
The MOU formally recognizes that NLU and DAU will cooperate in providing educational opportunities for currently enrolled and potential students of each institution.
Mediating between them, NLU enables the computer to understand what the user is saying.
Though the NLU recognized black workers as workers, it refused to include them organizationally.
The NLU system is embedded in Audi's Virtual Cockpit, a new HMI concept that enables easier and more intuitive user interaction.
collected from the Layton Farm pond of NLU between April 1997 and
The newly-launched NLU interactive voice response (IVR) Call Steering system the first of its kind in China offers people the opportunity to get what they need quickly and easily when they contact China Mobile Jiangsu Branch over the phone.
NLU has manufactured ScreenGuardz screen protectors for retail sale just in time for the release of the HTC EVO 4G.
NLU 77315 (2); Arkansas River, Merrisach Lake Park boat dock ramp, River Mile 14.
Having returned from a third leg-break, the current PFA Player of the Year received the equivalent award from NLU.