NMAANew Mexico Activities Association
NMAANational Museum of American Art
NMAANational Military Academy of Afghanistan (Kabul, Afghanistan)
NMAANursing Mothers Association of Australia
NMAANational Museum of African Art
NMAANavy Mutual Aid Association
NMAANational Multimedia Association of America
NMAANational Machine Accountants Association
NMAANight Master-At-Arms
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Most significant of all, increased resources and dedication to leader development institutions like the NMAA are developing educated, capable, and motivated leaders who will continue to professionalize the ANA.
8 million in 2011 from $7 million in 2010 and $20 million in 2009 as NMAA posted increased death benefit payments.
NMAA recognized sizable realized gains in the process of reducing equity exposure in 2011.
The TMFDB team provided geospatial products for the Coalition Joint Task Force-7 (CJTF-7), major subordinate commands, Task Force Restore Iraq Electricity, the captured enemy ammunition cell, the NMAA, and elements of the Coalition Provisional Authority.
NMAA will leverage CompuServe's vast network, accessible from over 140 countries, and expanding to more than 105,000 dial ports--all supporting 28.
Net operating income declined to $8 million in 2010 from $20 million in 2009 as NMAA posted increased reserves related to new life insurance sales and continued to credit high excess interest on its life insurance policy reserves.
NMAA investment portfolio is composed of over 30% U.
Fitch believes NMAA to a great extent has endured the pressures of the recent economic and financial market turmoil as exhibited by maintaining solid capital strength and positive earnings due to their conservative business and financial profiles.
Fitch notes that NMAA continues to diversify its investment portfolio as a strategy to reduce exposure to common stock price volatility.
Fitch notes that NMAA has increased the investment portfolio diversification in 2006 as a strategy to reduce exposure to common stock price volatility.
NMAA insurer financial strength rating is based on its sound capital, strong niche position as a provider of mainly interest-sensitive, term life insurance and fixed annuity products and term life insurance to active, reserve, and retired members of the U.
While NMAA operates by charter in a concentrated customer market, it has broadened its field of membership in recent years to include children and grandchildren of members.