NMAHNational Museum of American History
NMAHName Mapping Authority Hostport (temporary online address)
NMAHN-Methyl Acetohydroxamic Acid (biochemistry)
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When I arrived at NMAH in January of 2013,1 felt as if I were reuniting with old friends.
Long after such artifacts have been rendered obsolete in the world outside the museum, the curators at NMAH hold them in trust for the American public.
What's more, NMAH is fast approaching a generational cliff.
The new director and deputy director of NMAH understand the challenges they have inherited and are working toward stemming the tide.
Almost daily during my six months at NMAH, I was pulled into informal conversations about the future of the museum.
I thought we could talk about who today's engineering rock stars are--people, companies, and ideas that NMAH should be collecting.
So that Wednesday, still a bit jet-lagged, I boarded the Metro and made the familiar trip to NMAH.