NMAINational Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian)
NMAINational Museum of American Illustration (Newport Rhode, Island)
NMAINew Mexico AIDS Infonet (resource)
NMAINational Microlight Association of Ireland (flying)
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Its form and style of decoration proved to be strikingly similar to the example in the NMAI.
Blankets 138571, 155607 and 144864 were acquired by the NMAI and are all from British Columbia.
The NMAI is the newest of 19 museums and nine research centers that make up the Smithsonian Institution, the world's largest museum complex and research organization.
By the time he joined the staff of the NMAI, McMaster already had many years of museum experience behind him, something only a handful of Native people could boast at the time.
NMAI secretary Hamilton Elliott said: "They are trying to impose the same rules on microlights as they have for light aircraft pilots.
Deriving from Indigenous conceptual readings of the world, the classificatory systems of the NMAI reveal a holistic concern with the relationships between plants, animals, humans and places as well as between past and present.
Foreign Affairs Canada donated a work by Sto:lo artist Susan Point to the NMAI.
and Canada including the NMAI Native Film + Video Festival, ImagineNATIVE in Toronto and at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Sante Fe, New Mexico as part of the "Emerging Filmmakers" program.
NMAI will open on September 21, 2004 on the last available museum space on the National Mall, between the National Air and Space Museum and the U.
Through his leadership at the NMAI, Kevin has done great work educating the public on the negative effects of Indian imagery in sports," said ILP Faculty Director Patty Ferguson-Bohnee.
The NMAI battle tipi is dated circa 1910 and was collected in 1945.
The Four Fires' partners are particularly pleased with the hotel project due to the proximity of the Residence Inn Capitol to the Smithsonian's NMAI.