NMAPCNational Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee
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The "Zero Injury Concept" was coined by NMAPC at the first ZISA ceremony in 2000.
NMAPC has grown in recognition, recently signing New United Motor Manufacturing, the first organization to implement an NMA on the West Coast.
The NMAPC administers the National Maintenance Agreement (NMA), a collective bargaining agreement utilized by over 2,500 industrial contractors and employing members of the fourteen participating international building trades unions throughout the United States, generating over 60 million work hours annually.
Bob Krul has leadership experience of the highest caliber as past chairman of OSHA's Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH) and has been a strong supporter of the NMAPC program for many years.
The president of the labor committee automatically becomes the president of the NMAPC.
This approach has been termed the "Zero Injury Concept" by the NMAPC.
Steve Lindauer, Impartial Secretary & CEO of the NMAPC agreed, saying where owner, contractor and labor are concerned, instilling a culture of safety is "a win-win-win situation.
What can get lost in the non-emotional world of facts, figures and statistics is the fact that each time a worker is injured or killed, it is a tragedy that effects a family," said Noel Borck, Executive Vice President and Impartial Secretary of NMAPC.