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NMASNovell Modular Authentication Service
NMASNational Map Accuracy Standards
NMASNorth Mississippi Allstars (band)
NMASNursing and Midwifery Admissions Service (UK)
NMASNetwork Management System
NMASNational Mobilization against Sweatshops (New York)
NMASNeffs Modified Amoebae Salinae
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95) In the NMAS, mediators are not referred to as neutral third parties but "must conduct the dispute resolution process in an impartial manner and adhere to ethical standards of practice.
2) The NMAS states that "for maps on publication scales larger than 1:20,000, not more than ten percent of the points tested shall be in error by more than 1/30 inch, measured on the publication scale; for maps on publication scales of 1:20,000 or smaller, 1/50 inch" (USGS 1947).
The first hypothesis, that scores on the NMAS would correlate positively with scores on the FIS, was supported (r = .
It means that 13,406 people mainly English women aged 21 or over have applied solely to courses that were previously available through NMAS.
As can be seen from Table I, participants in the ART group demonstrated significant reductions in normative male alexithymia on the NMAS and the endorsement of traditional masculinity ideology on the MRNI-R (Dominance, Restrictive Emotionality, and Total).
a) Issue entry tickets for a variety of different events and price bands across all NMAS sites and study centre including school and group bookings;
At the 50K and 100K scales, the NMAS tolerance is 0.
NMAS is a component of eDirectory, Novell's market-leading directory service.
A component of eDirectory, NMAS secures the network and controls access using one or more login methods; -- Remote client authentication (Disconnect Mode) offers roaming client stations the capability to log into eDirectory under the same trusted Novell authentication rules; -- Synchronized co-existence with other NMAS methods, such as Novell SecureLogin.
While there are other ways to collect less accurate visual information, GEOSPAN holds the key patents that provide quantitative virtual presence sufficiently accurate to automate the production of traditional Photogrammetric NMAS (National Map Accuracy Standards) products such as orthophotography, digital terrain models, and oblique imagery - all from the same flight.