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NMCBNaval Mobile Construction Battalion
NMCBNew Mexico Commission for the Blind
NMCBNot Mission Capable Both
NMCBNavy Mission Capabilities Board
NMCBNummy Muffin Cocoa Butter (radio show)
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The food service team now has a positive experience that puts them ahead of their peers in other battalions, and puts NMCB 4's young Sailors on the cutting edge of what can be accomplished in the field.
TNMCS (%) = NMCS Hrs + NMCB Hrs x 100%/ Possessed Hours
Nowhere outside of USACE can a young officer learn more about planning, programming, and construction management than working with NMCB or NCR staff.
NMCB 133's motto is, "Can Do," referring to our ability to overcome all challenges in the best interest of both the Navy and the customer.
Nevertheless, he began to gear up to deploy with NMCB 18.
TNMCM (%) = ((NMCM Hrs + NMCB Hrs)/Unit Possessed Hrs) x 100
We are glad to help NMCB, and to provide the software that will ultimately improve the capabilities of sight impaired individuals.
A Seabee assigned to NMCB 5 dons a gas mask while moving toward a bunker during a simulated chemical, biological, BR attack during a scenario at FOB Mega Mouth.
With the deployment of 25 Seabees from NMCB 40 to Romania in August 2007, J4's International Cooperation Division began a creative process of leveraging the Seabee troop labor to extend the benefit of Humanitarian Aid funding.
and international forces continue to increase their footprint in northern Afghanistan, and the Seabee's of NMCB 4 have their work cut out for them, work that is both difficult and rewarding.
4 Night and Cross-Country Sorties 0% Weather Losses Operations Losses Total Losses 3% Aircraft Availability Target 93% TNMCS 7% NMCM 3-Year Historical Average 8% NMCB Historical Average 2% Sortie Length (Hrs) 1.
Seabee project supervisor, the timber tower project proved an invaluable tool as NMCB 1 Seabees trained their Korean counterparts in American construction techniques.