NMCCNational Military Command Center
NMCCNational Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (India)
NMCCNew Madrid County Central (high school)
NMCCNational Mortgage Complaint Center
NMCCNational Moot Court Competition
NMCCNetwork Management Command and Control (Sprint)
NMCCNew Millenium Cyanide Christ (band)
NMCCNational Movement Coordination Center
NMCCNew Mexico Communicators Council
NMCCNew Mexico Corporation Commission
NMCCNavy and Marine Corps Council
NMCCNorthland Memorial Community Centre (New Zealand)
NMCCNational Malaria Control Center (Zambia)
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Collection, transport and delivery to "transit holding" of large objects outlined in Appendix B: Large Objects to Transit Holding from NMCC to NMoS Install Depot
Formed in 2004, NMCC has 28 members including government nominees, industrialists, economists and lobby group representatives.
The NMCC mobile clinics are custom build units that are designed with all amenities to provide medical services.
The searchable database associated with the NMCC provides physicians with access to updated statutes and regulations in all states.
The NMCC member churches consider the following to be important:
This requires the following to be provided by the contractor: safe loading of the aircraft at NMCC, secure transport to NMoF, safe offloading into an airport hangar at NMoF
We will also have involvement of NMCC, CII and Ficci and the taskforce will work with a time deadline," he said.
Promoted to brigadier general, he was assigned in 1962 to the JCS as deputy director NMCC.
The NMCC is a centralized data integration, information processing, display and distribution facility to provide national-level coordinated management for military and civil crisis response.
H), in relation to the acquisition of NMCC by THEMAC ("the Transaction"), as announced on March 16, 2010.
Company officials joined representatives from the foundation, Northern Maine Community College and the NMCC Foundation to receive the first three of 11 trucks to be given to the community colleges in Presque Isle, Bangor and Calais.
Krishnamurthy, chairman, NMCC, said, " Consumer durable manufacturing in India is constrained by absence of a welldeveloped supplier base.