NMCCNational Military Command Center
NMCCNational Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (India)
NMCCNew Madrid County Central (high school)
NMCCNational Mortgage Complaint Center
NMCCNational Moot Court Competition
NMCCNetwork Management Command and Control (Sprint)
NMCCNew Millenium Cyanide Christ (band)
NMCCNational Movement Coordination Center
NMCCNew Mexico Communicators Council
NMCCNew Mexico Corporation Commission
NMCCNavy and Marine Corps Council
NMCCNorthland Memorial Community Centre (New Zealand)
NMCCNational Malaria Control Center (Zambia)
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The German NMCC raised concerns about the feasibility of moving such large amounts of convoys into Poland in such a short period of time.
the NMCC and the Zambia Integrated Systems Strengthening Program, supported by the US government's President's Malaria Initiative [PMI]).
Malano, however, acknowledged that the Zamboanga radar station is unfinished and that work on the Busuanga building and the planned NMCC has not yet begun.
Formed in 2004, NMCC has 28 members including government nominees, industrialists, economists and lobby group representatives.
The NMCC mobile clinics are custom build units that are designed with all amenities to provide medical services.
The searchable database associated with the NMCC provides physicians with access to updated statutes and regulations in all states.
The NMCC is the primary location for national command and control on a day to day basis.
En situaciones de emergencia, el NMCC tiene la tarea de organizar una reunion para establecer una cadena de mando entre la Autoridad Nacional de Comando (formada por el presidente y el secretario de Defensa) y todos los departamentos y agencias gubernamentales.
I spent the remainder of the morning and into the afternoon in the NMCC and the ESC, participating in the Air Threat Conference, talking to the President or Vice President, or giving guidance and thinking about the way forward.
The NMCC will be of considerable assistance to the U.
MARY BERGER-WESLEY MSN, RN, NMCC, is Geriatric and Extended Care Clinic Coordinator, Nursing Home Care Unit, James A.
In receiving this protocol, the member churches of the NMCC affirm the following: