NMCESNational Medical Care Expenditure Survey
NMCESNew Mexico Cooperative Extension Service
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The first of the health expenditure surveys was the 1977 NMCES (Berk and Bernstein 1985; Cohen and Burt 1985).
The NMCES was a panel study that used a sample of approximately 14,000 households (U.
The MEPS instrument differed from the NMES and NMCES in that (1) household respondent data for each panel were collected over 2 consecutive years and (2) the survey was fielded continuously; a new panel was selected each year.
The NMCES had three questions concerning dental visits.
We were able to compare the data from the HIAA survey of employers with those of the NMCES and the EHICS.
However, we could not determine the sample size or the standard errors for the 1977 NMCES data and could not compare these statistics with the 1987 data in Tables I and 2.
During the 1977 NMCES, there was a strong correlation between the cost of the insurance and the percent the employer paid-the higher the proportion paid by the employer, the higher the overall premium cost.