NMCMNumerical Methods in Continuum Mechanics (international conference)
NMCMNot Mission Capable-Maintenance
NMCMNumerical Methods and Computational Mechanics (conference)
NMCMNavy/Marine Corps Medal
NMCMNaval Mine Countermeasure (various armed forces)
NMCMNational Mathematical Contest in Modeling
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NMCM begins when the equipment has an NMC fault that doesn't require a repair part.
TNMCM (%) = NMCM Hrs + NMCB Hrs x 100%/ Possessed Hours
3 year historical] is the 3-year historical average of the NMCM rate for the particular MDS under consideration.
The Logistics Management Institute (LMI) updated the AAT-setting methodology in 2006 to include computations for Required MC and NMCM rates for both day-to-day operations and predeployment.
For example, this can happen by delaying aircraft status changes by not changing the status to NMCM or NMCS as soon as an aircraft breaks and maintenance is underway or work stop-page occurs due to needed parts.
NMCM 2 year historical, NMCB 3 year historical: MERLIN data pull for AMC, FY04--FY06, 15 May 2007.
Maintenance reliability is the number of times a WUC is coded NMCM or partially mission capable for maintenance (PMCM).
The analysts first looked at the wing NMCM data to determine if further evaluation was required.
The Pareto (80/20) analysis was used to identify problem areas by rank ordering WUCs by total NMCM hours.
First, random variation in the overall NMCM rate was achieved by removing the largest contributor in terms of NMCM time (look phase inspections).
Second, the top four of six WUC contributors to total NMCM hours were out of control and, therefore, have assignable variation.
The original research question of "Why is the NMCM time climbing?