NMCPNaval Medical Center Portsmouth
NMCPNational Malaria Control Programme
NMCPNetherlands Management Cooperation Programme
NMCPNuclear Matrix Constituent Protein
NMCPNetwork Management Communication Protocol
NMCPNavy Marine Corps Portal
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One of the components of the MSME Ministry's NMCP scheme aims at strengthening of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) related capabilities of the MSMEs by conducting IP awareness programmes, pilot studies, interactive seminars/workshops, short term and long term trainings; filing of national and international patent applications; filing the application for Geographical Indication (GI) registration; setting up of 'IP Facilitation Centre for MSME'; and for conducting exchange programme with international agencies.
In Cambodia, for example, NMCP can conduct in vivo studies at only 2-3 sites per year because of limited funds and trained staff.
This is effectively a policy limitation which we call NMCP, or not mission capable because of policy.
One great advantage is the NMCP prepared curriculum.
Exhibit 3 shows the result of the mean logit comparisons of MCP and NMCP institutions.
The four staffing companies will fill/manage staff positions at six other NMCP treatment facilities located within a 50-mile radius: Tricare Prime Clinic Chesapeake (Chesapeake); Boone Branch Medical Clinic and Sewells Point Branch Medical Clinic (Norfolk); Tricare Prime Clinic and Branch Medical Clinic Naval Air Station Oceana (Virginia Beach); and Naval Weapons Station - Yorktown Branch Medical Clinic (Yorktown).
During the most recent outbreak, the first warnings of abnormally high malaria incidence were communicated from the district team to the NMCP on June 5, 1 month before reports of the outbreak appeared in the press and >2 weeks before case numbers began to peak (Figure, panel A).
The NMCP has been implementing the control activities for the past 5 years and the deadline for the target achievement has passed.
A suite of METOC services will also be available to tactical watchstanders through NMCP.
But understanding how XML can potentially support NMCP technical needs requires a look at recent history to clarify not only the DON's rationale for establishing this enterprise portal, but its vision for the system's ability to integrate information that its Sailor, Marine and civilian employee users will rely on to carry out mission-related and personal tasks.
If the application requires only authentication, then integrating the application with the NMCP single sign on (SSO) solution meets the PK-enabling requirement.
Yemen LNG has contributed with the supply of spray equipment and prepared the awareness materials which have been distributed by the NMCP prior to the launch of the spray campaign.