NMCSNot Mission Capable-Supply
NMCSNational Military Command System
NMCSNational Multicultural Conference and Summit
NMCSNational Motorway Communications System (UK)
NMCSNon-Mission Capable Status (US DoD)
NMCSNew Mexico Computer Society
NMCSNew Mini Club Sweden (website)
NMCSNational Movement of Catholic Students (Zimbabwe)
NMCSNational Missing Children Services (Canada)
NMCSNon-Mission Critical Systems
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Most firms report the following information: location (6-character postal code); the firm's primary 6-digit NAICS code and up to four 6-digit secondary NMCS codes; the year the firm was established; its employment; and whether it is an exporter.
Compliance has to be a part of every company's core values," said NMCS President Burton Embry.
When there is a non-availability of Class IX (repair parts), or shortage of authorized sub-systems, NMCS demand time starts.
According to NMCS, the sea is likely to be rough from time to time.
Therefore, the percentage of MC hours must decrease as the percentage of NMCM, NMCS, and NMCB hours increase.
If that happens, your bird could remain NMCM or NMCS longer.
These measures were designed to expedite the receipt of NORS [not operationally ready, supply], ANORS [anticipated notoperationallyready], NMCS [not mission capable-supply], and UMS [urgent material screening] parts by identifying and filling requirements from existing ESG assets.
NMCS undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statement for events or circumstances after the date on which such statement is made.
NMCS anticipates that such changes will become effective on or about September 15, 2003.
TNMCS (%) = NMCS Hrs + NMCB Hrs x 100%/ Possessed Hours
Requisitions should indicate an RDD for the date the item is needed or they should use the applicable NMCS RDD designator.
NMCS II has given SRCI's companies (including Bell Canada, BC TEL, AGT) a strong competitive edge in the dedicated services market," said John Reid, SRCI's senior project manager for NMCS.