NMCTNative Medicare Charitable Trust (India)
NMCTNordic Management of Clinical Trials (est. 1999; Gothenburg, Sweden)
NMCTNational Manuscripts Conservation Trust (National Archives; UK)
NMCTNorth Mersey Community Trust (UK)
NMCTNonparametric Monte Carlo Tests
NMCTNational Movement of the Crimean Tatars (est. 1967)
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PMCT is an affiliate of Pennington Biomedical Research Foundation and NMCT USA, Inc.
The conservation work is important, it stabilises the items and allows future generations to have access to the diverse range of material held by our archive services" The conservation work funded by the NMCT partnership will enhance access to the items.
In total, six Welsh archives benefited from the Assembly and NMCT grant, including Aberystwyth University archives, Swansea University and Powys County archives.