NMDGNew Millennium Development Group (Nevada)
NMDGNetwork Management Development Group (various organizations)
NMDGNational Millennium Development Goals (United Nations)
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The NMDG acquisition is part of a continued NI vision to provide RF and microwave design engineers with access to NI technology from initial design through production test.
With today's announcement of NMDG S-function support, Microwave Office software now supports multiple, emerging, nonlinear behavioral models like Agilent's X-parameters([R])and Mesuro's Cardiff model.
In addition to in booth demonstrations of S-functions and other nonlinear models in Microwave Office software, AWR, NMDG, Focus Microwaves and Rohde & Schwarz are hosting a free workshop Wednesday afternoon on the topic of S-functions, their role in nonlinear modeling, fast nonlinear device characterization of power amplifier designs using VNAs, device measurements in a non-50-ohm environment using multiple harmonics, as well as the use of "extended VNAs" to provide real-time access to dynamic IV at multiple harmonics.
NMDG and ICE's combined landing parties and strategic partners have been very well planned and developed with approx.
NMDG has selected landing parties, potential partners and capacity purchasers for its global network.
NMDG was formed to take advantage of the growth in the global deregulating of the digitized media, telecommunications and data industry.
NMDG has offices and presence in London, Spain, Rome, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chile and forthcoming, Brazil.
We are fortunate to be working with NMDG to position us towards originating and terminating traffic in many countries worldwide.
Teaming with a company of Grupo HidroCantabrico's caliber is crucial to the successful development of our European network in Spain," said Daniel Imperato, CEO of NMDG.
NMDG will team with transoceanic partners to provide end-to-end solutions on a global basis.
NMDG will expand this network to include Eastern Europe, Northern Europe and Russia.
Earlier this year, the NMDG created Maine Today (www.