NMEDANational Mobility Equipment Dealers Association
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The partnership with NMEDA will extend the success of National Mobility Awareness Month to all Local Heroes throughout the year as it aims to bridge the gap between what health insurance will pay and what is actually needed to live and thrive after a catastrophic injury or illness," says HelpHOPELive CEO David Bakelman.
FYI: conference networking is how NMEDA finds out about a lot of member concerns as well.
In the past several years, the exhibitor list has continued to expand, helping to make the NMEDA Conference the premier automotive mobility event in North America.
There is a certain amount of NMEDA business that needs to be communicated, such as QAP changes, Government Relations & VA issues status.
The Conference Committee has taken up the challenge and is now looking at a complete overhaul of how the NMEDA Conference is planned and laid out.
You've got young people who need help with mobility and seniors who are growing into their disability and they aren't aware of all the options available to them," says NMEDA Executive Director and CEO Dave Hubbard.
We can take and put a seat into those vehicles," says NMEDA Board of Directors President Sam Cook.
Images courtesy of Kara Philp, NMEDA, vehicle and product manufacturers, and Andy Nemann.
VMI unveiled its 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Honda Odyssey with Northstar conversion during the 2012 NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association) Conference in Phoenix.
It means that every NMEDA dealer is audited at least once a year to ensure they are providing customers with the high business standards set for the automotive mobility industry.
An annual inspection/audit process to ensure compliance to NMEDA Guidelines, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
Product liability and Garage Keepers Insurance (to further ensure that the products you purchase and your property is protected from unforeseen events while in the care of a NMEDA dealer)