NMERBNew Mexico Educational Retirement Board
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Those firms received investments from the NMERB and the SIC.
NMERB officials said the board didn't make investment decisions based on political contributions, but noted that the SEC rule didn't apply to pension funds or public officials.
Representatives of the NMERB did tell IBT they would make Enervest aware of the issue.
In the closing months of the election, NMERB approved a separate (https://www.
A year and a half later, NMERB approved a $30 million commitment to Pickens' energy investment firm, BP Capital.
Pension officials were made aware of some of the donations by NMERB portfolio manager Mark Canavan, who was at the agency during a 2006 pay-to-play scandal.
NMERB officials do not publish the fees paid to individual managers, including EnerVest, Crow Holdings and BP Capital.
Whether somebody makes a campaign contribution or not is not a part of our investment process," NMERB chief investment officer Bob Jacksha told IBT.
Under New Mexico law, prospective NMERB investment managers are required to complete a form disclosing their campaign donations.
pdf) Martinez-linked super PACs were disclosed, NMERB officials told IBT/MapLight they didn't believe investment managers had to report contributions to groups like the RGA that aren't controlled by a single candidate.