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NMESNational Malaria Eradication Service (various countries)
NMESNude Mouse Experimental System
NMESNational Medical Expenditure Survey
NMESNon-Milk Extrinsic Sugar (dietary science)
NMESNetworked Multimedia Education System (Multimedia University; Malaysia)
NMESNeuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
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41) Additionally, the DOC's selection of arbitrary surrogate countries when launching anti-dumping duties and CVDs against NMEs has raised controversy in the U.
The Definitions and Effectiveness of Included Interventions Interventions Definitions Effectiveness Electrical Using electrical The NMES is effective stimulation currents to cause for early stroke contraction of muscles survivors and has a or relieve pain (Price & lasting effect on HSP Pandyan, 2001) with limited evidence, although there is rare evidence concerning the effectiveness of TENS in the use of controlling HSP.
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed the DOC's refusal to apply the countervailing duty law to imports from NMEs.
To our knowledge, no previous study has investigated yet the damaging effects of a NMES bout on hamstrings muscles although they are regularly stimulated in rehabilitation or training programs (particularly in combination with quadriceps stimulation after anterior cruciate ligament surgery) (Snyder-Mackler at al.
After flying into Nmes, there was a three-hour car journey to our first destination, but not before we'd stopped to see the impressive Millau Viaduct, the tallest bridge in the world at 1,125ft - not great if you're not keen on heights like myself, but still a fantastic structure.
In addition the band have been keeping busy and honing their sound playing Carling Academies up and down the country, showcases for Kerrang, HMV, various universities and now Club NMEs through Live Nation.
Similarly, the number of NDAs submitted to FDA for NMEs increased by only 7 percent over this period.
The NMES and the MEPS are nationally representative surveys sponsored by the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ) that contain information on health and employment.
Birmingham rocker Ozzy Osbourne was honoured with the Godlike Genius award at the NMEs last night.