NMEXNissan Mexico
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Jose Luis Montiel , currently director, Infiniti Operations, NMEX and Nissan Latin America and the Caribbean (NLAC), becomes director, CQ & DND, NLAC, reporting to Dorssers and Jose Roman, vice president & managing director, NLAC.
In 2009, Munoz took the leadership role of Nissan Mexicana and has led the NMEX organization to achieve not only the highest market share in the history of the operation, but also a 34-month run of Nissan sales leadership in the country.
Jose Luis Valls , currently regional vice president, Commercial Sales, NMEX, is named president and managing director, NMEX, reporting to Munoz.
Carlos Servin , currently director, Finance, NMEX, is appointed regional vice president, Finance, NMEX and NLAC and will have a dual report to Jett Johns, vice president, Finance, Nissan Americas and Munoz.
Servin came to Nissan in 2008 and was responsible for setting up the financial control process and governance in NMEX and has played a key role in NMEX market leadership during the last 34 months.
Roberto Delgado , currently assistant director, Manufacturing Finance, NMEX, is named director, Finance, Monozukuri and R&D, NMEX.