NMFSNational Marine Fisheries Service
NMFSNational Mortality Followback Survey
NMFSNetwork Multimedia File System (computer science)
NMFSNational Medical Financial Services Corp.
NMFSNested Mount File System (computing)
NMFSNew Mexico Folklore Society (Albuquerque, NM)
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Soon after NMFS announced the bluefin tuna closures, The Billfish Foundation applauded the move and noted that commercial longline billfish discards had been reduced by as much as 74 percent since the establishment of the DeSoto closure and other longline-restricted zones (including the east coast of Florida) in 2000.
In December, NMFS issued its final decision, temporarily reversing most of its ill-advised proposal.
The NMFS also encourages fishermen to use circle hooks that curve sharply backwards, and which pose less of a threat to dolphins and sea turtles.
If observers see a marine animal get injured, they halt the dredging operation, document the incident, and contact the proper authorities, including the USACE district, NMFS, and a wildlife rehabilitation facility.
However, neither the Service nor NMFS have the resources, authorities, or the skills necessary to fully execute most recovery plans.
Sampling for the NMFS fall survey began in 1963 and the waters of southern New England and the Gulf of Maine were sampled before tows were expanded to include inshore stations in 1973.
In 1989, administrative duties for the foreign observer program were transferred to the NMFS Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) at Woods Flole, Mass.
Finally, in April, the comment period closed and the NMFS published the emergency listing rule for the Stellers with accompanying protective regulations as recommended by the Recovery Team.
Indeed, until this report by Levin's team, discussions of the environment's carrying capacity for wild chinook focused on competition for food in rivers, adds Michael Schiewe, director of fish ecology for NMFS in Seattle.
The whales' injuries in themselves were not the cause of death, but they may have been the reason why the whales swam to shore, leading to their deaths, the NMFS determined.
To restore depleted stocks, the NMFS restricts the kind of fishing gear that can be used, imposes quotas on the number of fish that can be caught, and even closes fisheries during spawning seasons (when fish lay their eggs) to allow stocks to reproduce.