NMGMNational Museums and Galleries on Merseyside (UK)
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NMGM development officer Sian Cook said: ``We had a really good year in 2002, because the 75% increase in visitor numbers, bringing the annual figure to pounds 1.
Those who wish to vote by post can send suggestions to MPA, NMGM, Freepost, Liverpool L69 2YZ.
Yesterday's announcement is the first time the Department of Culture, Media and Sport has detailed funding for more than just the next 12 months allowing greater planning flexibility for NMGM.
John Edmonson, responsible for zoology, botany and geology for NMGM, said: ``We have plant specimens going back to the 1700s and this tells researchers about the extinction of plants and in some cases shows where they have re-emerged.
Opening the new attraction within the Fourth Grace means NMGM is unlikely to have to pay much of the construction costs and will only have to worry about funding the interior and exhibits.
NMGM spokesman Stephen Guy said: ``The support for Slavery Remembrance Day is generating a national momentum.
But last night, NMGM chiefs said the rise could not be explained solely by the abolition of admission charges.
A spokeswoman for NMGM said: ``We are looking at setting up a comprehensive museum of Liverpool, but we will have to see how it progresses.
I am passionate about the city of my birth and love visiting the many attractions, especially the buildings of the NMGM, which is an organisation I think does a wonderful job.
There are more than 200,000 glass plate and film negatives in the NMGM collection acquired shortly after the firm closed in the 1980s.
It is now in the hands of NMGM after a successful application for Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) money.