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NMHANational Mental Health Association
NMHANew Mexico Hospital Association (Albuquerque, NM)
NMHANational Mental Health Assistance
NMHANormal Mode Helical Antenna
NMHANevada Manufactured Housing Association
NMHANebraska Manufactured Housing Association
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The major difficulty in using the vector potential to analyse NMHA is that the integrands cannot be separated in general coordinate systems [6].
8, 2007); National Mental Health Association, News Release, NMHA Announces Position on Death Penalty (Apr.
NMHA also vigorously lobbies Congress on behalf of other agencies and departments which provide it no funds.
NMHA advises people seeking mental health treatment to check their provider's credentials and affiliations.
NMHA Position Statement: The Use of Restraining Techniques and Seclusion for Persons with Mental or Emotional Disorders.
The Hospital Association has had two different conferences in the last 17 months that addressed Patient Safety, Errors and Just Culture, and the board of the NMHA has endorsed "Just Culture" as a philosophy to be implemented in every member hospital.
According to the NMHA, chronic job-related stress is rampant.
It has been working on individual giving programs, which are still admittedly small, as well as foundation and government grants, according to Jennifer Sharp, director of individual relations at NMHA.
All materials also can be downloaded from the NMHA Web site at www.
In 1998, NMHA received a three-year grant for $820,000 entitled "Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Center.
This would be more than offset by increased worker productivity; reduction of medical costs, crime, and homelessness; and increase in the number of taxpayers with private insurance, according to the NMHA.