NMISNational Meat Inspection Service
NMISNational Management Information System
NMISNetwork Management Information System
NMISNutrition Management Information System
NMISNavy Mobile Instrumentation System
NMISNuclear Materials Inventory System
NMISNavy Manpower Information System
NMISNetwork Medical Information Services
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The director of NMIS, Mr Nair, said Sonia had been working at the school for six months.
Interfacing Intego with Pinestar's NMIS reduces redundant patient demographic entries and transcription errors.
NMIS brings together urban and rural healthcare professionals to learn about the latest in health information technology.
So many people I have met with around the world use NMIS - to have the opportunity to be working with the open source community on one of the world's most widely used and feature rich network management systems is an honor and I can't wait to get started.