NMKNew Media Knowledge (UK)
NMKNational Museums of Kenya (also seen as NMKE)
NMKNy Musikks Komponistgruppe (Dutch: New Music Composers Group)
NMKNon-Migratable Key (computer technology)
NMKNormal Monkey Kidney
NMKNorthwood Mountain Kennels (est. 1972; California)
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NMK, organized in 1945, is the flagship museum of Korean history and art in South Korea with a collection of about 250,000 artifacts.
Idle Omar Farah, the director of the NMK, says he hopes the exhibition will "stir the younger generation of Kenyans to have a picture of how things were managed before we got influenced by the rest of the world".
Elizabeth Ouma of the NMK is unusual, not for her stance that the Hazina objects should remain in the UK but for her reasons why.
Perhaps when the NMK gets its new building, this will be one of the conversations to take place.
Provision of extension of covered shed at SMPR, NMK, NNL & providing FOB at BDHL, KACA and NIP
Under the terms of the agreement, Axcan and Nordmark will create a joint venture to develop patent-protected novel enzyme preparations (NMK 150 for the treatment of pain in chronic pancreatitis and NMK 250 for the treatment of steathorrea).
NMK 150, a high-protease, pancrelipase preparation for which a patent application has been filed, should enter Phase I clinical trials during fiscal year 2004.
The role of NMK includes developing a conservation and rehabilitation plan, design and production of the exhibition, training and support for the project and overall supervision of all works in collaboration with KPA Engineering.
Business Development Manager at NMK, Chicco Hiranandani, said : "Protec's recent purchase of two full sets of HelixNet and Tempest each shows great confidence in the ClearCom brand as the best communication solution for AV service providers.