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NMLNational Museums Liverpool (UK)
NMLNo Man's Land
NMLNorthwestern Mutual Life
NMLNational Microbiology Laboratory (Canada)
NMLNetwork Management Layer
NMLNational Media Laboratory
NMLNorris Medical Library (California)
NMLNormalized Maximum Likelihood (density function)
NMLNews Markup Language (XML format; International Press Telecommunications Council)
NMLNeutral Messaging Language
NMLNine Months Later (band from Seattle, Washington)
NMLNo Message Left
NMLNackawic Mechanical Ltd. (Nackawic, NB, Canada manufacturing firm)
NMLNew Mexico Legislature
NMLNonmagnetic Laboratory
NMLNine Mile Lake (Wyoming)
NMLNot My Liberty
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In return, NML will gain access to the complete infrastructure and capability of the Group, which should allow substantial expansion of the range of services it offers to both domestic and international customers, thereby accelerating its market share expansion.
As part of the deal, Citibank will drop its appeal against NML in exchange for NML letting Citibank exit its Argentine-based business as custodian of the bonds.
NML intends to create a baseline data of libraries in India through a quantitative and qualitative survey of 5,000 libraries to collect detailed information on quality characteristics and performance indicators in terms of their traditional role as readership promoters and information providers.
Approved by the government in November last year, NML was set up in pursuance of a report of the National Knowledge Commission, which recommended a total revamp of the Library and Information Service sector to serve the changing needs and expectations of the users and give a fillip to the library movement in the country.
To use the app, users must go to NML and create or log in to their existing "student playlist" account, which requires a user to enter his/her name and e-mail address and to create a password.
Les fonds speculatifs NML et Aurelius avaient refuse les echanges de dette dans le but d'obtenir, a travers une bataille judiciaire, 100% du capital plus interets sur des titres acquis a tres bas prix lorsque l'Argentine a fait defaut en 2001.
NML have driven this important agenda and have committed to find the funding to ensure that the third conference goes ahead next year, here in Liverpool, after which we hope someone else will pick up the mantle.
NML tests bulk milk samples from UK dairy herds on behalf of milk buyers.
On April 6, 2007, NML filed a lawsuit against Soundview Publications (SP), a marketer of dietary supplements, in particular one called Advanced Joint Support.
At present, NML reports that its policy limit for primary property coverage stands at $500 million, with minimum deductibles starting at $250,000.
Established in 1980 originally for testing of dried rubber, NML has developed into one of the leading private laboratories providing comprehensive analytical services for food and environment testing, as well as for rubber testing.
In particular, NML took museum architects AEW to the High Court in a bid for damages to compensate for the problems and pay for remedial works.