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NMMNational Maritime Museum (Greenwich, England)
NMMNetwork Management Module
NMMNonhydrostatic Mesoscale Model
NMMNon Metallic Metal (painting technique)
NMMNaar Mijn Mening (Dutch: In My Opinion)
NMMNet Market Makers
NMMNuclear Materials Management (US DOE)
NMMNational Maintenance Management
NMMNew Market Model
NMMNorthern Marine Management Limited (Clydebank, UK)
NMMNational Mining Museum
NMMNew Media Manager
NMMNumerical Mode Matching
NMMNormal Maneuver Mode
NMMNon-Orthogonal Multipulse Modulation
NMMNetwork Management Multiplexer
NMMnon-medically managed (insurance)
NMMNot in Multinational Manual
NMMNear Millimeter (wavelength)
NMMNational Marketing Manager
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NMM has a roster of 13 soloists, 2 chamber groups and 140 orchestral artists
NMM originally received grant funds from the McCormick and Ford Foundations.
NMM Park will also have the tallest flag mast in India at 65 metres ( around 213 feet).
In 2005, two NMM volunteers were arrested for transporting a migrant to a hospital (NMM, n.
On the other hand, when there was NMM regulation, defensive players were free to perform any form of defense.
NMM curators such as Tayac and Paul Chaat Smith, who wrote many of the historical labels, say the criticism hurt them but admit that some of it was justified.
Thus, on the 6th of February 2006, the first Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Central Library, BHU, and National Mission for Manuscripts, Ministry of culture, Government of India, which recognized Central Library, BHU as a Manuscript Partner Centre (MPC) of NMM.
Potentially misleading histopathologic features of NMM include a symmetrical silhouette, sharp lateral demarcation, an inconspicuous junctional component, and the absence of pagetoid spread (36-40); overall lesional architecture is typically dome-shaped or verrucous.
Jeffcat NMM (N-methylmorpholine) for high-rise rigid foam panels and polyester foams.
The target population consisted of all traditional healers of the NMM interested in participating in the research project.
The NMM will advocate for passage of legislation to stimulate IPOs, and investments to fix the financial ecosystem and provide support for public companies.