NMMGNational Medical Musical Group
NMMGNew Mexico Mutual Group (insurance)
NMMGNational Music Management Group (UK)
NMMGNormal Mouse Mammary Gland
NMMGNon-Myelomatous Monoclonal Gammopathies
NMMGNational Maritime Museum, Greenwich (UK)
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The NMMG was established in 2012 by the Ministry of Health to oversee the maternity system and implementation of the 2011 Maternity Standards.
The report also outlines the NMMGs key focus areas for 2016, including:
Without the flexible, modern system we now have, NMMG would be less equipped to expand product offerings or increase market share.
NMMG deployed Guidewire ClaimCenter to 35 adjusters in January 2006, replacing its legacy DOS-based claim system in the process.
By replacing its 13-year old legacy system and moving from mainframe-based to internet-based technology, NMMG has eliminated the paper logjam associated with insurance company operations.
NMMG believes that it is critical to have a third party independently determine the value of the OnScreen(TM) technology.