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NMOSNegative Metal Oxide Semiconductor
NMOSNegative-Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
NMOSNetwork Management Operating System (Riversoft)
NMOSNetwork and Mission Operations Support
NMOSNational Moment of Silence
NMOSNATO Maritime Operations Intelligence System
NMOSNitrous Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
NMOSNecessary Military Occupational Specialty (US Marine Corps)
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The pole frequency of the NMOS and PMOS shifters are measured as 9.
The duty cycle D is the fraction of the commutation period T during which the NMOS switch (Si) is on.
NMOS mobility in the (111) and (331) surface was greater than in the (110) surface, and while the center of the gate is still a (110) surface, overall on-current is increased by 10%.
25 [micro]m 1P5M CMOS process, the NMOS transistor has a drain-source breakdown voltage of approximately 5.
The main advantage CMOS has over NMOS and bipolar technologies is its much smaller power dissipation.
H35 offers fully scalable High-Voltage NMOS and PMOS devices, floating logic libraries as well as a best-in-class power-on resistance.
In the production of NMOS the aim is to obtain the minimum channel in L, the minimum overlap [DELTA]L, the optimal channel width B, the set output characteristic [U.
For the NMOS device, the new technology uses a conventional double-layer gate-electrode structure consisting of a nickel-silicide[4] layer and a silicon layer, but adds impurities to the silicon layer.
5V and 16V), complementary N- and P-channel MOSFETs with 5V, 7V, 16V, and 30V capabilities, vertical NPN (VNPN) and lateral PNP (LPNP) bipolar transistors, a variety of passive elements, and an NMOS device rated for 40V operation.
HSINCHU, Taiwan -- UMC (NYSE:UMC)(TSE:2303), a world leading semiconductor foundry, today announced that its Central Research and Development Division (CRD) has successfully developed an Ultimate Spacer Process (USP) technology that simultaneously enhances NMOS and PMOS device performance.
E[acute accent]I2T100 devices are created using two to three metal layers, floating NMOS and PDMOS transistors and low-, medium- and high-voltage bipolar transistors.
Prior to deploying the Netcool suite, Commerzbank was using the Micromuse's Riversoft NMOS technology for root cause analysis and topology mapping of its IT infrastructure.