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NMOSNegative Metal Oxide Semiconductor
NMOSNegative-Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
NMOSNetwork Management Operating System (Riversoft)
NMOSNetwork and Mission Operations Support
NMOSNational Moment of Silence
NMOSNATO Maritime Operations Intelligence System
NMOSNitrous Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
NMOSNecessary Military Occupational Specialty (US Marine Corps)
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The PMOS and NMOS ratio is set according to Equation 2 with the effective length, Leff = 0.
Fujitsu Laboratories discovered that implanting aluminum after forming silicide(8) reduces contact resistance(9) between NMOS silicide and silicon.
With RiverSoft NMOS and Fault Manager, users can now solve problems with greater speed and accuracy and with fewer IT resources," said Phil Tee, chairman and CTO of RiverSoft.
Also, it appears that off-state current can be controlled in Si(110) in the same way as the more conventional Si(100) orientation, allowing Si(110) NMOS and PMOS structures to be used effectively in low standby power (LTSP) devices.
This is a critical differentiator, since it breaks the barrier to increasing chip performance for NMOS devices where the addition of tensile strain has significant benefits.
Until now, we have proven such basic technologies as chemical vapor deposition, spherical lithography and etching individually, but the NMOS spherical semiconductor brings these processes together, producing a feasible product," said Akira Ishikawa, chairman, CEO and president of BALL Semiconductor.
Using a combination of traditional and unique processes, BALL Semiconductor was able to produce a five-micron NMOS transistor whose electrical characteristics equaled those of a traditional wafer transistor.
Lou Ross, announced today that the company has filed patent application for a High Performance NMOS Transistor which represents a major advancement in silicon chips design for digital applications.
Simplified Manufacturable Band Edge Metal Gate Solution for NMOS Without a Capping Layer.
In addition, he spent several years at Philips Semiconductors where he was involved with CCD, NMOS and CMOS, IC design and foundry interfaces for infrared imaging.
Simply by reversing the sequence of two steps in the normal FUSI process, a unique "enveloped FUSI" scheme that results in a 10% drive current enhancement in NMOS is being proposed.