NMPBNational Medicinal Plants Board (India)
NMPBN-Methyl-4-Piperidyl Benzilate
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The NMPB since its inception in 2000 has been supporting Research & Development projects on various aspects of medicinal plants like Survey-cum-documentation of medicinal plants and associated traditional knowledge on medicinal plants; standardization of Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACPs); development of Agro-techniques, development of phytochemical reference standards, monographs; laying down standards of quality, safety and efficacy, and quality assurance.
In the year 2008, NMPB has also conducted a study on assessment of demand & supply of medicinal plants.
The NMPB has supported several projects for conservation and cultivation of endangered and threatened medicinal plant species in different states," she added.
The NMPB has implemented a central sector scheme for supporting conservation, development and sustainable management of medicinal plants and a centrally sponsored scheme of the National Mission on Medicinal Plants.
Bruit des infrastructures routieres: methode de calcul incluant les effets meteorologiques: version experimentale NMPB Routes 96 [in French].
An integrated model based on NMPB (GPS-based speed collection method for road traffic noise mapping) will be created.