NMPINorman Marcus Pain Institute (New York, NY)
NMPINational Medicaid Pooling Initiative (various states)
NMPINew Mexico Private Investors (est. 1999)
NMPINumerical Modelling & Policy Interface Network (various locations)
NMPINeonatal Mortality Prognostic Index (Mexico)
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TFG expects that it will continue to conduct its affairs in such a manner that TFG's shares will continue to be excluded from the FCA's rules relating to NMPI.
I would like to thank UMC and NMPI for their accomplishments to date, and we look forward to continuing to build our presence in the Philippines through this new partnership.
The NMPI service extends the functionality of Kinetra's Internet platform, Odysent(TM), to enable authorized healthcare professionals to view rationalized clinical and administrative patient information from multiple legacy data sources in a single, unified format.
With our NMPI service, Kinetra's subscribing physicians can positively identify patients and correlate relevant health information to provide better care," said Tim Hargarten, Kinetra president and CEO.
The NMPI allows Kinetra to display information in either patient- or physician-centric perspectives.