NMPRNetworked Media Product Requirements (Intel)
NMPRNaturalne Metody Planowania Rodziny (Polish: Natural Family Planning Methods)
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NMPR product users can bring back a show-floor shine and make their customers' cars look new again;
The Intel NMPR guidelines benefit both developers and consumers by allowing devices to easily communicate with one another.
Intel NMPR development guidelines and tools for building digital home products define common usage models and an interoperability framework for delivering the best experience in connecting consumer electronics devices to Intel-based platforms," said Bill Leszinske, director of digital home marketing, Intel Corporation.
Wireless compatibility -- b and g -- and the company's commitment to Intel's NMPR standard for interoperability prove SMC's commitment.
In addition to being UPnP Certified, InterVideo Home Theater 3 is also a standalone Intel(R) NMPR validated media client application.
Intel NMPR framework provide the highest level of integrated support for
The upcoming version of Intel NMPR will reference the DLNA (Digital
In addition, it enables OEMs and ODMs to deliver standards-based solutions to their customers by means of an open platform that complies with UPnP standards, emerging DRM technologies, Intel NMPR specifications, all major media formats, and is designed to DLNA guidelines.
The Digital 5 AV Client Software offers full industry compliance by supporting industry standards such as UPnP, HTTP, RTP, NMPR, DLNA and 802.
We believe that Intel's NMPR enabling efforts with Digital 5's AV solution will help accelerate the adoption of interoperable PCs and networked CE devices on the home network, providing a better experience for consumers when sharing content," said Kevin Corbett, vice president and chief technology officer, Intel's Desktop Platforms Group.
The company embraces standards such as DLNA and NMPR that enable CE companies to provide interoperable solutions, which can be easily adopted by a broad base of consumers.