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NMRINuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging
NMRINational Maritime Research Institute (Japan)
NMRINaval Medical Research Institute
NMRINational Mayday Readiness Initiative (Washington, DC)
NMRINational Marshmallow Roasters Institute (Citrus Heights, CA)
NMRINoarlunga Model Railroaders Incorporated (Adelaide, South Australia)
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Following toxicity assay, the highest dose of herbal extract (50 mg/ml concentration) was selected to apply for its antimalarial activity on male NMRI mice infected with P.
This composite NMRI covers the entire dataset, thus the term "national" in the index name.
An influence of test compounds on the duration of ether-induced narcosis was tested in female NMRI mice (n = 12-15 per group) 30 or 60 min after treatment (p.
During the year, NMRI won a major new agreement with Deutsche Post to monitor direct-mail advertising.
Male NMRI rats weighing 200-250 g were obtained from the animal house of Pharmaceutical Research Center, Bu-Ali Research Institute of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (Mashhad, Iran) and housed in groups of five in standard laboratory conditions.
During the year, NMRI strengthened key business units, including Germany; its US-based advertising information service, Monitor-Plus; its multinational AdEx International service, and the regional television audience measurement business in Asia Pacific.
When implemented, the NMRI recommendations will save lives and reduce injuries by slashing response times and improving emergency communications.
The clinical study will commence as quickly as possible pending enrollment of test volunteers and will be conducted under the guidance of the chief medical researcher for the NMRI, Roger Gorman, MD.
Previous studies were performed in the GDI Swiss, NMRI, and C57BL6 mouse strains, with no indication of differencial sensitivity to PBDE toxicity (Branchi et al.
Vical and NMRI have been collaborating since 1993 under a Collaborative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) to apply Vical's naked DNA vaccine technology to malaria.
Female NMRI mice (Charles River, Sulzfeld), 20 [+ or -] 2g at delivery, were housed in macrolon cages type III in a 12h dark-light cycle with lights off at 19.