NMRLNaval Materials Research Laboratory (Mumbai, India)
NMRLNeuromuscular Research Laboratory (University of Pittsburgh)
NMRLNormal-Mode Ruby Laser (medical treatment)
NMRLNew Media Research Lab (University of British Columbia and University of Washington)
NMRLNorthwest Model Racing League (model car racing)
NMRLNaval Medical Research Lab (New London, CT)
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director of the NMRL and associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.
The NMRL is one of the few centers in the country that has done biomechanical and neuromuscular research on golf injuries.
Using biomechanical and neuromuscular assessments under golf-simulated and virtual environments, already observed by Norman during a previous visit to the NMRL, the lab's long-term goals with its golf conditioning and injury research project are: 1) determine all variables of physical conditioning and swing mechanics that may reduce injuries; 2) implement conditioning and playing technique training programs to demonstrate injury reduction; and 3) educate teaching professionals, coaches and players of all proficiency levels and ages how to enjoy playing golf without injury over the course of their lifetime.