NMRSNational Monuments Record of Scotland (RCAHMS)
NMRSNuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (measures tissue chemical components)
NMRSNear-term Mine Reconnaissance System (US Navy)
NMRSNanaimo Marine Rescue Society (Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary)
NMRSNASA Mishap Response Status (report)
NMRSNavy Manpower Requirements System
NMRSNational Maintenance Repair Standard
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The reasons for using the NMRS photographs as well as those from Country Life are illustrative of architectural attitudes north of the Border.
Although the main thrust of the RCAHMS aerial survey programme will continue to be directed towards the collection of primary data for the NMRS database, in line with overall policy of the Archaeology Division, enough is now known about the cropmarks to begin to devote more resources to analysis and synthesis of the data.
Some progress has already been made in this direction with the analysis of the recovery pattern of cropmarks in the extreme southwest of Scotland (Cowley forthcoming; Cowley & Brophy 2001) and, with the continued development of the NMRS GIS system, more work of this nature will be undertaken in the next decade.
The success of the aerial survey programme in adding significant numbers of new sites to the NMRS was matched by the second of the mid-1970s innovations--the Sites and Monuments Listing Project.
In the process, maintaining and upgrading the NMRS database has replaced the preparation of published reports as the driving force behind all archaeological survey, while the inevitable tension between the requirement to produce top-down national overviews and bottom-up detailed site surveys has given rise to a range of survey specifications and publication formats which, it is hoped provide as balanced an approach as is practicable to the conflicting demands of users.
At present some 30% of Scotland has been digitally mapped and the results of the survey are available via the NMRS GIS.
Although the field survey strategy put the recording of post-medieval landscapes on to a surer footing, this still left a lacuna in the NMRS database, as the OS had not systematically included reports on these sites in their record cards, making it difficult to gain a national overview of this subject.
This has created a two-way process in which survey feeds the NMRS, while the needs of the NMRS, and therefore those of the end-users, are fed back into the design of the field and desk-based survey programmes.
CANMORE-Web allows the user to enter a query which is then sent over the Internet to the NMRS database located in the RCAHMS.
The computerization of the NMRS archaeology records was completed in 1990 and work is now progressing on the capture of the catalogue to the architectural collections which is due for completion in 1999.
The next-generation LMRS will be a significantly more robust and capable system than NMRS, providing the Navy's submarine force with much greater performance in the areas of sensors, energy and processing," said Ken Jones, vice president of Northrop Grumman's Oceanic Systems business unit.
Products under development at Oceanic Systems include the NMRS, the Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS) mini-submarine, a lightweight wide aperture array passive ASW (anti-submarine warfare) sonar for submarines, and an advanced mine detection system high frequency array for submarines.